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Re: Automatic Debug Packages

Paul Wise wrote:
> I note that you plan to modify the helper tools
> (debhelper/cdbs/yada/etc). I think that you will get better coverage
> by modifying dpkg-dev instead. Have you not considered that option or
> am I missing a disadvantage of it?

I tried to think in another level that would cover more packages than helper
tools. The problem I see with dpkg-dev is that it's not "the way" to build
packages (you can simply call ./debian/rules binary AFAIK), and I'm not sure
where I would create them; I guess dpkg-gencontrol would be the most appropriate
place, but we have the same problem than with helper tools: not every package
uses it. So I don't see any benefit with using dpkg-dev, and some problems (like
packages being stripped when dpkg-dev is called as dpkg-buildpackage may not
have been used to build the package).

> Thanks for working on this, it is really great to see it happening finally.

Thanks for your feedback!


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