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Re: Debian, universal operating system?

On Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 11:53:55PM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         If memory serves correctly, that slogan was added to the web
>  site without discussion, and was never ratified by the project, 
>  though I do remember Bruce being very pleased about it.
>         It certainly has not been either a goal nor a rallying cry for
>  me while I work on Debian.
>         manoj

In concrete terms: Debian _is_ the universal operating system. I can 
take a running Debian system, easily grab the list of packages, and 
install essentially the same system onto a completely different 
architecture - and pretty much know it will work. [A running Debian 
development system on i386 "moved" across town onto a Sparc in about an 
hour start to finish, the Apache webserver and X shoehorned into a 
Linksys running on 32M of memory for a portable demo for the local LUG 
:) ]. 

I can remember knocking the socks off a nice Sun representative at the 
main Linux Expo in London when he saw me running Debian on a Sparc 
barely supported by Sun - and the latest software too :)  

A work colleague likes tiny embedded development systems. They all come 
with Debian out of the box (though the Marvell Sheevaplug has Ubuntu - I 
wonder if it needed NDAs initially?).

In personal terms, I repose far greater trust in Debian developers I've 
never met than in almost everybody geographically close. I listened to 
a paid industry expert give a presentation on FLOSS to a government 
audience and the examples he used were of Debian. I then followed him
immediately with the disclaimer that I was a Debian developer :) 

So no, I won't die in a ditch over it but it's a worthwhile tag and 
Debian sets the quality gold standard for me that other commercial-grade 
software manifestly fails to reach.

All the best,


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