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Re: The wider implications of debhelper/dbus breakage

On 2009-07-20, Stéphane Glondu <steph@glondu.net> wrote:
> For example, each OCaml transition involve rebuilding a lot of packages
> (about 139), with 6 levels of dependencies. So if some build takes 2
> days or more (for the current transition, on some builds, it was even
> more than a week) to be uploaded, it means that transition will last at
> least 12 days (for the current transition, all packages were
> rebuilt/uploaded/installed after 21 days). But most of the builds are
> successful (and fast). If packages were automatically uploaded on
> success, a dependency level would be cleared at each dinstall run,
> meaning the whole recompilation would take less than 2 days.

Haskell is even more intense.  But it's not exactly true because we are
autobuilding from accepted, so you do not need to wait for dinstall runs
to complete but can get it done much quicker.

Kind regards,
Philipp Kern

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