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[OT] out-of-tree Linux kernel drivers

On Sat, 18 Jul 2009, Harsha s.v. Banavasi wrote:
> I have written device driver pgm in redhat linux with 2.4 kernel. it's
> working fine.  But now our boss asked me to install Debian OS with 2.6
> kernel. I have install Debian 5.0 version with 2.6 kernel.  But my Device
> driver pgm is not working, it's giving lots of Erros in header file.( I
> have installed kernel headers also)

This is out of topic here.  You should have asked that question in the LKML
mailinglist (http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/docs/lkml/).

Anyway, here's your answer.  You won't like it.

You wrote your driver for a dead branch that has been on deep maintenance
mode for many years now (Linux 2.4.x).  You will have to port (more like
rewrite) your kernel driver for the recent 2.6 kernels, the two code bases
have diverged a _lot_.

I suggest you look for one of the embedded Linux driver developer
communities and ask about how best to proceed.  But before you do, at least
read these quick presentations:




Pay attention of what they have to say about "embedded devices with
out-of-tree, closed source drivers".  Even if your company doesn't deal with
an embedded device, it is equally valid for any out-of-tree kernel driver.

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