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Re: Errors in device driver pgm

Hello Harsha,

I'm not sure if this is the right list, because it's topic is more about
the development of Debian specific things, as software packages
(.deb), and such.

But - you'll find a lot of knowlegdable people her, and probably someone
with more help than I can give you ...

Harsha s.v. Banavasi <harshasirsi@yahoo.co.in> (Sa 18 Jul 2009 17:13:28 CEST):
> Dear sir/madam
>   I am Harsha,   I am working as software Engineer in ISRO(India).
>   I have written device driver pgm in redhat linux with 2.4 kernel. it's working fine.
>   But now our boss asked me to install Debian OS with 2.6 kernel.  I have install Debian 5.0 version with 2.6 kernel.  But my Device driver pgm is not working, it's giving lots of Erros in header file.( I have installed kernel headers also).  
> what is the solution red hat 2.4 kernel header is not similar to Debian header.

The 2.4 kernel series and the 2.6 kernel series are quite different. You
can't expect for some piece of software (driver) to just compile cleanly
against the 2.6 kernel (headers). But, if you where able to write the
driver, you should be able to apply the neccessary changes ;-), it's
just the kernel API that changed...

It's not a Debian specific issue, it would bite you with a 2.6 kernel on
a Red Hat system too. The 2.4 kernels are meanwhile somewhat outdated...

    Best regards from Dresden/Germany
    Viele Grüße aus Dresden
    Heiko Schlittermann
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