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Re: How to orphan a package without being the maintainer

LIU Qi <liuqi82@gmail.com> writes:

> Long time ago I ITA(http://bugs.debian.org/430431) a package,
> prokyon3.

That bug report started as an RFA, which you then retitled to an ITA.

> I have not uploaded this package once and I am not the maintainer of
> this package. How should I orphan this package?

You don't need to; you merely need to undo the ITA. This is done by
simply retitling the bug report again, back to an RFA as it was

It would be best to do so with a message to <430431@bugs.debian.org> and
Cc to <control@bugs.debian.org>. Put the control commands at the top of
the message, and then use the rest of the message as a prose explanation
of why you're changing it.

> Just change the owner of this bug to QA group?

The owner is still the original reporter, so that's fine for the RFA and
shouldn't change.

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