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Re: The wider implications of debhelper/dbus breakage

Roger Leigh schrieb:
> Some people may have recently been bitten by #537125.
> This mail isn't about that bug in particular, though it did
> certainly expose the fragility of systems depending upon dbus.

Blaming this on D-Bus is not fair. It could have happened to any other
Heaven forbid this would e.g. have happened to libc6 (or for that matter
ny other important library), and your system would be in an equally or
even worse state.
Simple truth is, it was extremely bad timing between me preparing,
testing and uploading the package and the broken debhelper reaching the
archive shortly afterwards.

My thoughts are going into a different direction: Would it make sense to
avoid the upload of "obviously" broken packages from buildds in the future.
E.g. if lintian detects an error it would need some special inspection
from the buildd uploader.


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