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Re: Conflicting assignment of privileged ports on boot, once again

[Mike Hommey]
> Interestingly, none of the tcp ports between 600 and 1024 that are
> listed in /etc/services appear in this file. Even more interesting,
> none of the ports in the /etc/bindresvport.blacklist are in
> /etc/services.

Really?  This is from my sid chroot:

% for n in $(awk '{print $1}' /etc/bindresvport.blacklist | \
  grep -v '#'); do grep $n /etc/services ; done
ipp             631/tcp                         # Internet Printing Protocol
ipp             631/udp
ldaps           636/tcp                         # LDAP over SSL
ldaps           636/udp
imaps           993/tcp                         # IMAP over SSL
imaps           993/udp
pop3s           995/tcp                         # POP-3 over SSL
pop3s           995/udp

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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