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Re: Several dpkg/apt questions

On Tue, 14 Jul 2009 03:01:49 +0200
Fabiano Sidler <lists@fipscode.ch> wrote:

> Planning to set up one or more repos for LAN-wide software distribution,
> I still have the following questions:

Wrong list, try debian-mentors@lists.debian.org and/or debian-user@l.d.o

None of the questions have anything in particular to do with dpkg or

> How is the debian/control file generated, out of which file(s) and/or
> which information? I didn't find it in the orig.tar.gz file.

See the Developers Reference and New Maintainer Guide, then follow up
questions to debian-mentors.

> Technically, do the lenny and lenny/updates repos have more in common than
> the lenny and squeeze repos, except that the */updates repos are updated?

lenny/proposed-updates contains updated packages that will be included
into the next point release of lenny - the current stable release.
(5.0.2 etc.) squeeze/ contains the packages from testing which will
(after the usual pain of the release process) form the next stable
release after lenny (Squeeze will be Debian 6.0). There are large
numbers of changes between stable and testing, starting from when new
uploads to unstable first migrate into testing after a release;
packages in stable/proposed-updates only have minimal changes to the
equivalent packages in stable/ (and are therefore built specially for
this purpose). 

All follow-on questions to debian-user or debian-mentors.

> Section 4.9 of the debian policy manual introduces the requirement of a
> make hashbang for the debian/rules file. Why actually is this?

So that builds can be done in sections whilst testing and/or debugging
and a variety of other requirements:

$ fakeroot debian/rules binary

Follow up questions to debian-mentors please.


Neil Williams

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