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Several dpkg/apt questions

Hi folks!

Planning to set up one or more repos for LAN-wide software distribution,
I still have the following questions:

How is the debian/control file generated, out of which file(s) and/or
which information? I didn't find it in the orig.tar.gz file.

Technically, do the lenny and lenny/updates repos have more in common than
the lenny and squeeze repos, except that the */updates repos are updated?

Section 4.9 of the debian policy manual introduces the requirement of a
make hashbang for the debian/rules file. Why actually is this? Why not
specify it as a regular, non-executable makefile or, when using a hashbang,
just prescribe the parameters and leaving up to the author of the package
which interpreter should be used?

I hope that these questions are meaningful...

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