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Re: Coordinating efforts to get a new kernel in testing?

Christian Perrier wrote:
> During the last meeting of the D-I 'team' (ahem) which logs can be read
> from http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Meetings, the situation
> of the kernel packages wrt testing transition was raised.
> Apparently, having a new kernel in testing (whether this is 2.6.30 or
> whatever other funky new version appears soon is not really relevant)
> is quite hairy.

It needs quite some work to get reverse dependencies handled and getting
it built on all architectures. Both of which are the main responsability
of the kernel team...

> Could this be prioritized by the involved teams (mostly kernel and
> release, I'd guess) or are there already some plans for this to
> happen?

There are no plans to force anything in like some propose in such
situations as there is no clear plan of the kernel team to get the
remaining issues solved soon after it would be forced in.



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