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Coordinating efforts to get a new kernel in testing?

During the last meeting of the D-I 'team' (ahem) which logs can be read
from http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Meetings, the situation
of the kernel packages wrt testing transition was raised.

Apparently, having a new kernel in testing (whether this is 2.6.30 or
whatever other funky new version appears soon is not really relevant)
is quite hairy.

Indeed hairy enough for this to not have happened since the release of
lenny, 5 months ago.

Among other things, that is a blocker for a release of D-I, which is
otherwise nearly ready.

From what was said during the D-I meeting (but more details can be
bringed in by people who are more aware of this than me), a transition
for D-I packages is similar to a library transition.


Could this be prioritized by the involved teams (mostly kernel and
release, I'd guess) or are there already some plans for this to

(please respect Reply-To as -release is not meant to be a discussion
list and the topic doesn't have much to do with D-I...except that we
need this to happen for a release to happen)


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