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Re: binNMUs for arch:all packages too

Frank Küster <frank@debian.org> writes:

> The ${source:Version} thing is a point. However, I also see a need for
> such binNMUs, or rather a case where it would be helpful. 
> That's the case when a package Build-Depends on some package because it
> needs to incorporate code (or configuration settings or data or
> whatever) into it's arch:all binary packages. For example tex-common
> provides dh_installtex which writes code into the Build-Depending
> packages's maintainer scripts.  
> I'm not aware of any other debhelper-like scripts, but there may be
> some. Fixing a bug in cdbs (e.g. failing to make the necessary dh_foo
> calls) might also mean that some packages need to be rebuilt.

In general, fixing a bug in any of the Build-Depends of any package
that has caused the package to be built wrongly makes a rebuild
necessary - Arch:all or not.

How often has that happened for Arch:all packages?


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