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binNMUs for arch:all packages too

Currently, asking for

nmu foo_1.0-1 . ALL . -m 'rebuild against bar 2.3'

only builds foo_1.0-1+b1 for arch:any packages.  No +b1 is built for
any possible -doc packages.  Often, this is what's expected, but not

The specific scenario I have in mind is Haskell libraries.  They
change ABIs often, at least once every time ghc6 gets a new upstream
version.  That's a lot of packages, needing rebuilding and dep-wait
states, with no source changes.

Haskell library -doc packages include .haddock files, which are
derived from the ABI at build time.  They describe the library's API
and are used at build time for things like generating correct links in
depending libraries' documentation and for generating an index on a
user's system.  They are itself architecture independent, but still
need to be rebuilt along with the libraries themselves.

Building and uploading the -doc package corresponding to the binNMU by
hand is possible even now (as described in
http://lists.debian.org/debian-haskell/2009/05/msg00029.html) but not
really any more convenient than doing a sourceful upload, as it
stands.  It's a hack, too.  Plus, it'd be preferable if this was all
part of the usual buildd network.

I don't know offhand if this has been discussed before.  Any reasons
why this shouldn't be supported?  What's needed to get this working?

I guess it'd be more proper if there was some other token that'd
trigger building arch:all packages, instead of including it in ALL.

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