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Re: ia32-libs transition

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

> The choices where
> 1) rewrite the old ia32-libs + ia32-libs-gtk for the new libc6-i386
> or
> 2) make ia32-apt-get take over (slightly prematurely in hindsight)

If it's possible (according to ftp-masters) to have the old ia32-libs 
packages adapted to the new libc6-i386; the best thing, for me, would be to 
have a minimal[1] ia32-libs package in the archive and an ia32-archive tool 
for those who want other ia32-* packages or wants to keep up to date with 
library versions.


[1] Minimal in the sense of the required libraries for packages needing i386 
in main (only wine?).

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