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Re: ia32-libs transition

Yannick <yannick.roehlly@free.fr> writes:

> Maybe all of this should go to experimental (is there a problem with wine 
> depending on experimental packages for amd64?) but thank you Goswin for your 
> work.
> Yannick

The problem was that libc6-i386 broke all 32bit support in unstable
making all 32bit packages uninstallable. So something had to be done
for unstable. I would have prefered doing this in experimental first
too. Esspecially seeing how the libc6-i386 screwed up the transition
on its first try and is still buggy (breaks wine).

The choices where
1) rewrite the old ia32-libs + ia32-libs-gtk for the new libc6-i386
2) make ia32-apt-get take over (slightly prematurely in hindsight)

According to popcon ~60 people had the previous ia32-apt-get
installed so I didn't expect that much of an outrage about it. Now it
shows 120 people.

Anyway, what is done is done. I uploaded a new version to mentors. If
anyone cares to try it out:




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