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ITP: scim-bridge-el -- SCIM-Bridge client for GNU Emacs

Package: wnpp
Owner: Takaya Yamashita <takaya@debian.or.jp>
Severity: wishlist

* Package name    : scim-bridge-el
  Version         : 0.7.4-1
  Upstream Author : S. Irie
* URL or Web page : http://www11.atwiki.jp/s-irie/pages/12.html
* License         : GPL2
  Description     : SCIM-Bridge client for GNU Emacs

 The Smart Common Input Method platform (SCIM) is an input
 method (IM) platform containing support for more than thirty
 languages (CJK and many European languages) for POSIX-style
 operating systems including Linux and BSD.
 This program is SCIM-Bridge client for GNU Emacs. It is, however,
 not part of official SCIM-Bridge.

Takaya Yamashita

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