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Re: DEP 5 and directory/file names with spaces

Giacomo A. Catenazzi dijo [Mon, Jun 08, 2009 at 05:09:02PM +0200]:
> >>PS: on POSIX you can expect all characters but NULL in filename
> >>('/' is a very special beast: you cannot create a file containing the
> >>'/' in current locale, but if it was created in other locales there
> >>are not (theoretically) problems.
> >Wrong: The characters composing the name may be selected from the set of all
> >character values excluding the slash character and the null byte.
> The <slash> is locale dependent. Thus a file created in an other locales
> could contain the character that in current locale is interpreted as
> <slash>.
> BTW with pathname resolution rules, the file could not be acceded, but
> AFAIK the non pathname resolution system call permit <slash>
> (like readdir).

Uff... I cannot help but to share this link:


So, just for ugliness and irony sake, we could employ ₩ or ¥ as a
separator? Maybe Đ, as it bears more relation to Debian?


Ok, nevermind.

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