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Re: DEP 5 and directory/file names with spaces

Charles Plessy wrote:
I also think that to get the best human-readability, it is important to avoid
escape and quoting characters.

I don't agree, we use wild cards (or glob as written in PEP5), which are
not so human readable (if developer use non standard globs).
Additionally rules are complex, if we want to handle all possible filenames
(windows filename with space, csv and older system with comma, ...).

So IMHO we must prefer understandable rules, like shell quotes, instead
of new rules.
PS: on POSIX you can expect all characters but NULL in filename
('/' is a very special beast: you cannot create a file containing the
'/' in current locale, but if it was created in other locales there
are not (theoretically) problems.

The shell quotes reules are also more user friendly: a simple copy and
paste to more/less/... allow me to check the files, instead of requiring
me to translate proposed PEP5 rules in shell.

OTOH PEP5 allow all globs, which are too much, but I don't think people
will use strange features, i.e. I expect only '*'.


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