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Re: postfix as default-mta? [Re: Bug#508644: new release goal default-mta?]

On Saturday 09 May 2009 02:35:18 Micah Anderson wrote:
> Some people clearly want postfix as the default MTA in Debian (I do),
> and some people dont want the default to change from Exim. There are
> some people who want something else, but so far that something else has
> not be technically satisfactory.
> I think our problem is, how do we go about making this decision?

There are really two orthogonal things being discussed here: One question is 
whether the default MTA should be a full or proper implementation versus a 
tiny and limited implementation (or -- the latest idea -- none at all).  The 
other is whether, if the full implementation is chosen, it should be Exim or 
Postfix.  It might lead this argument to a clearer conclusion if those two 
issues are treated separately.

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