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Bug#527557: general: should have a help tracker for each package

On Fri, 08 May 2009 11:57:35 +0530
Ritesh Raj Sarraf <rrs@researchut.com> wrote:

> Currently, when I am using a new package, or if I have queries
> regarding the new package, my friends are upstream and the web.
> Usually, not much authentic information.

$ man package ?

If the manpage is incomplete or not sufficiently helpful for new users,
that is a bug in the package. Wishlist or minor but still a bug.
> I am requesting a tracker kind approach for each package.
> It could be very similar to Debian BTS. When a user has some query
> regarding a package, she cannot file a bug report directly unless she's
> sure that it is a bug (and not an odd behavior).

I can't see why the BTS wouldn't be used directly. If the problem is
that the submitter is insure whether this is correct behaviour, then
that is usually an unclear or incomplete manpage, so a bug anyway. If
the concern is that bugs are more work for overloaded maintainers then
how is a help request different?
> I have a query regarding fdm. Then probably I could just file a "help
> report" against fdm. It'd go to the same package maintainer.

How does that help the maintainer? It's the same amount of work, now
with a different method and possibly different tools.

Those maintainers with packages that are overloaded with bugs will
still not have time to answer help bugs anymore than they are able to
deal with the current number of bugs.

> This definitely would be an extra add-on to the maintainers and there
> will be high chances of users asking questions without RTFMing. For
> that, we could make the Debian Policy that the "Debian HTS - Debian Help
> Tracking System", will in no way relate to release schedule or quality
> of the Debian distribution.

Umm, so exactly like any standard bug report that is severity important
or lower?

A tracker like you describe would just be ignored in many cases, I
don't see how that would help anyone.


Neil Williams

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