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Re: deprecating /usr as a standalone filesystem?

Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
On Wed, May 06, 2009 at 09:38:39AM -0300, Daniel Ruoso wrote:

Sure, that's precisely what I'd call being properly supported in

In particular, from the replies to my question the picture I get is
that everybody is using ad hoc solutions to implement what some people
are pretending to be properly supported by Debian. I found it not
defendable, maybe it's just me, maybe it's just bad marketing.

But system administration is per definition ad hoc solution.
This is our power. Why we give sources? Also to allow us
to tweak debian.

Debian is a distribution, not a complete solution.
I think we have a different idea of what is debian.

Of the two one:

- We decide that mounting /usr remotely is a Debian goal.

  If we do so, the mechanisms to make it work should not be as ad hoc
  as this thread as hinted. We should provide a package explicitly
  made to make this workflow tenable and point our users to it.

- We decide that if you want to mount /usr remotely you are on your

  If we do so, we should stop using "mount /usr remotely" as an
  argument for keeping /usr as a single filesystem.

But you are still selling us vapor!
We still don't understand the problem!
Was this a topic of last meeting of the Italian cabal?

What is the problem:
- remote /usr not supported?
- /usr in a different partition ?
- union mount could solve this?

we cannot discuss without knowing the real problem!


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