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Re: Bug#527205: ITP: inotifyx -- Simple Python binding to the Linux inotify file system event monitoring API

Twas brillig at 17:09:45 06.05.2009 UTC+05 when rrs@researchut.com did gyre and gimble:

 RRS> Given the pytagsfs upstream maintainer's announcement email [1], I
 RRS> believe python-inotify is not going to be maintained further.

 RRS> But this whole discussion started with python-inotify in
 RRS> experimental, which isn't backward compatible.

 RRS> I'm CCing the python-inotify maintainer. Probably he can give a
 RRS> better status of python-inotify.

pyinotify is known for several (two? can't remember exactly) API breaks,
yes. So, as there are applications which rely on another inotifyx (which
is not an application, but a library), it has to be packaged.

But pyinotify is not dead upstream.


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