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Re: Bug#527205: ITP: inotifyx -- Simple Python binding to the Linux inotify file system event monitoring API

+ Ritesh Raj Sarraf (Wed, 06 May 2009 12:23:06 +0530):

Hello!, and thanks for your interest in packaging new software for

> * Package name    : inotifyx
>   Version         : 0.1.0
>   Upstream Author : Forest Bond <forest@alittletooquiet.net>
> * URL             : http://www.alittletooquiet.net/software/inotifyx/
> * License         : MIT/X
>   Programming Lang: C, Python
>   Description     : Simple Python binding to the Linux inotify file system event monitoring API

> inotifyx is a Python extension providing access to the Linux inotify
> file system event notification API. It is primarily written in C but has
> some Python window dressing.

Could you please include in the description a few lines on why would one
want to use inotifyx instead of the already available pyinotify bindings?
By reading the upstream homepage, it already mentions:

  | Reasons you might choose inotifyx over pyinotify:
  | * inotifyx is a C extension and does not use ctypes, making it faster
  |   and less prone to subtle breakage due to changes in the inotify API.
  | * inotifyx is a much thinner wrapper around inotify. pyinotify is more
  |   complicated. It does provide features that inotifyx does not, but many
  |   of them are not needed by most applications.
  | * The API provided by pyinotify seems to change in incompatible ways on
  |   a fairly regular basis and with little justification. inotifyx has a
  |   simple API that will change rarely, if ever.

Maybe that's a bit too long for the description, but it should be easy
enough to summarize those arguments for the long description.

By the way, do you have preview packages available already?


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