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Re: Remove a package?

On Wed, May 06, 2009 at 03:34:12AM +0700, Alexey Salmin wrote:
> Hello! 


> At first I want to say that I'm not sure that this mailing list
> is a right place for my letter. Secondly, this letter isn't actually
> about some specific package, I'm just interested in understanding
> Debain policies.
> Is there any way to remove some package from debian distribution? For
> example: package bcrypt is completely dead. It doesn't work at amd64
> at all because of obvious bug, which I've reported here (path
> included) half a year ago, but got no response. Last update of
> official site (http://bcrypt.sourceforge.net/) was in September 2002.
> This program doesn't work and has no support. Is there any reason to
> keep such packages?

Packages can be removed if they aren't in good shape, upstream is dead,
etc. Have you tried pinging bcrypt@packages.debian.org? If you got no
response after a reasonable time, the QA team will see if the maintainer
is missing in action (adding them to CC, dropping -devel through BCC).

If you'd like to see bcrypt stay in the archive, you could adopt the
package upstream and also adopt the packaging, or another developer
might be interested. If the current maintainer is MIA, the QA team might
adopt the package themselves. (QA: I'll happily prepare an upload, but
will need sponsorship.)

> Alexey
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Jonathan Wiltshire

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