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Re: Considering the removal of ntpdate

On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 12:30:36AM +0200, José Luis Tallón wrote:
>      - For Squeeze: a package "ntpdate" which depends on rdate and
> provides a wrapper script, used to emulate ntpdate's main functionality
> (set the system's clock) in terms of rdate and mark it as deprecated
>     - For Squeeze+1: just drop it
> * I do use ntpdate "regularly" --every time I fiddle with my  system's
> clock or check a customer's older server-- for the same purpose that
> weasel gave before.

rdate ist not a replacement for ntpdate - it does not use the ntp
protocol but the time protocol (builtin inetd) - So making
ntpdate depend on rdate is not a solution as it changes the protocol
and i dont think all ntp servers also open/support the time protocol.

flo@stereo:~$ egrep "^time|^ntp" /etc/services
time            37/tcp          timserver
time            37/udp          timserver
ntp             123/tcp
ntp             123/udp                         # Network Time Protocol

Florian Lohoff                  flo@rfc822.org             +49-171-2280134
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