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Re: Considering the removal of ntpdate

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Peter Eisentraut (petere@debian.org):
>> Nevertheless, since ntpdate used to be quite popular, I figured I'd better ask 
>> here for objections.
>> Would there be a possibility to prove some kind of wrapper for those
>> among our users who might have various local stuff that are using
>> ntpdate ?
>From what was said in this thread, a quite feasible solution could be:
     - For Squeeze: a package "ntpdate" which depends on rdate and
provides a wrapper script, used to emulate ntpdate's main functionality
(set the system's clock) in terms of rdate and mark it as deprecated

    - For Squeeze+1: just drop it

* I do use ntpdate "regularly" --every time I fiddle with my  system's
clock or check a customer's older server-- for the same purpose that
weasel gave before.



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