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Re: [Soc-coordination] Google Summer of Code 2009: is not dunc tank

On 10 April 2009 at 18:05, Obey Arthur Liu wrote:
| Lucas Nussbaum a  crit :
| > What could be considered fair is, if DDs are involved as students in
| > GSOC, to give the money to Debian instead of giving it to the students
| That's a novel idea. It's worth discussing, but it's way too late at
| this point for this year. I haven't heard of any other organization
| implementing this though.

Of the four GSoC 2008 mentors for the R Project, two decided to pocket the
money and two let it flow through to the R Foundation.  Interestingly enough
that was also a clear split by continent (and I mean residency here): the two
from Europe kept it, the two from North Americans passed it on.

I rather not comment on this thread itself.  Arthur essentially already said
what needed to be said.

2008 GSoC mentor at Debian and R Project
2009 GSoC mentor at R Project (pending final slot allocation)

Three out of two people have difficulties with fractions.

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