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Re: Google Summer of Code 2009: is not dunc tank

Lucas Nussbaum a écrit :
> That's right. But DDs are free to apply to other projects, as are
> contributors to other projects free to apply to Debian.

DDs are free to go where they want, but I wouldn't be happy with a rule,
written or unsaid, that banned DDs outright from Debian.
We have a Gnome board member in the shortlist. Did you notice it ? :)

>> Please stop comparing Dunc Tank to the Summer of code. It's just wrong.
>> I did the Summer of Code last year for Debian, and I can tell you that
>> no one, at least in the 2009 run that I'm admining here, is going in
>> with a mercenary thinking.
> Are you implying that the people involved in Dunc Tank were going with a
> mercenary thinking?

I have my personal opinion on Dunc Tank. People criticizing Dunc Tank
criticize the "mercenary" aspect of it. When they compare Dunc Tank to
something, they are applying their opinion on Dunc Tank on it. The
feelings towards the individuals involved in Dunc Tank are irrelevant at
this point when considering feelings about Dunc Tank. The concept has
taken a life of its own.

> What could be considered fair is, if DDs are involved as students in
> GSOC, to give the money to Debian instead of giving it to the students
> (one way or another ; it doesn't need to be a direct Google -> SPI
> transfer). The money could then benefit the project as a whole (through
> Debconf sponsorship, for example).  And it's already the case for
> mentors: they are not paid, but the $500 (I think) are given to the
> project (or to Debconf, I think it depends on the mentor).

That's a novel idea. It's worth discussing, but it's way too late at
this point for this year. I haven't heard of any other organization
implementing this though.


Obey Arthur Liu

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