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Re: lilo about to be dropped?

On Wed, 2009-04-08 at 12:41 -0400, Matt Arnold wrote:
> No this means I take over the package try to cou ntact upstream etc

THERE IS NO UPSTREAM ANYMORE. If you're not willing to become upstream
and wish to take it over, then we gain NOTHING. There is NOT an upstream
to talk to anymore when things break. Even the website is gone.

> and fyi i do know Intel X86 ASM (not well) but i learn fast as you
> know. I just think a "This package is deprecated and may be removed at
> any time" clause in the package desc is the best way to go here that
> way the people who use it as a fallback when GRUB doesn't work (self
> included)  or otherwise can still continue to use it. I'm just not
> comfortable dropping it when it seems to work ok for most of the
> people who need to use it. cate dud just state that lilo worked for
> him. Why not let me have it for now and just let things flow as they
> will. Belive me i'm not about to let another XMMS style nightmare
> happen

But, you will. Infact, you told me yesterday on IRC that your intention
is to "take over lilo maintenance to score points with DDs" and that you
just "needed it for a few months". This isn't the right issue to "score
points" on, as lack of proper maintenance is WORSE than not having it in
Debian at all.

So unless your attitude is different and you want to maintain a
bootloader for the sake of maintaining it (I use lilo on older machines
where grub1 does not work nicely), then please stop with this nonsense.


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