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Re: Bug#522996: ITP: jruby1.2 -- 100% pure-Java implementation of Ruby

Le Tuesday 07 April 2009 22:59:00 Sebastien Delafond, vous avez écrit :
> On Apr/07, Mike Hommey wrote:
> > While I see why it can be needed for python, I fail to see how it is
> > important for jruby...
> to have 2 versions of jruby available ? I guess so you can at least, for
> instance, try the new one on your existing jruby code without removing
> the old one, for instance ?

If we were to apply this policy to all software packaged in debian, that would 
be a mess.

> Are you advocating for only one instance of jruby at all times in the
> archive ? If so, why ?

I think this is the other way round: by default there should be only one 
version per package -- after all that is why we have package name and package 

Hence, it should be explained why multiple version of the same package are 
relevant for Debian and its users. And I don't think that "testing several 
versions" is a good explanation..


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