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Re: "Team uploads"

Le Monday 06 April 2009 08:18:33 Lionel Elie Mamane, vous avez écrit :
> My reasoning is that a package that has had only "team uploads" for
> three years is a package where effectively no human is taking charge
> for maintaining it, just as a package that has had only NMU uploads in
> three years; I'd like QA / potential adopters to see that in the
> sequence of version numbers as they do now.

I do not agree with you. In the ocaml team, I have prepared uploads for some 
transitions for package for which I am not in the uploader field.

I am not in the uploaders because I am not the main responsible for this 
packaging, however my upload uses the correct workflow, and does not mean 
that there is no maintainer, but only that for small repetitive tasks, 
another member of the team can take care of it.

Hence, requiring NMU versioning and external patch system would really be a 
waste of time that would anihilate the efficiency of working in a team.

That said, I have nothing strong against the lintian warning. After all, it is 
only a warning, and the NMU issues can be worked-out between human beings for 
sure... :-)


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