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Re: Improvements to ‘debian/watch’ for fetching from VCS (was: This topic died off; any resolution?)

Ben Finney wrote:
> For my purposes, I would like to be able to specify “fetch from the
> VCS at $URL, getting the specific working tree referenced by
> identifier $ID” and then the rest of what uscan does for generating
> an original source archive from the working tree.
> That's made more complex, of course, by:
> * the fact that the URL doesn't necessarily indicate what VCS tool is
>   needed to interact with it (just about all of them allow an HTTP URL
>   for public read-only access, so that's what will commonly be used
>   here)

That can easily solved, svn+http://...

> * the plethora of different concepts for mapping identifiers to
>   specific working trees in different VCSen (revision-id and branches
>   and tags, oh my!)

uscan would retrieve the information (say the output of svn info
svn://domain.tld/repo/) and match the rest of the pattern against the
output. Whataver is specified is what would uscan would svn export.

> Ideally this would be predicated on the Final and Definitive Interface
> to All VCSen Now and Future™, but I think that might be delayed by at
> least a month or so.


Raphael Geissert

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