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Re: Standardizing use of kernel hook scripts

Darren Salt wrote:
> I demand that Manoj Srivastava may or may not have written...
>> On Wed, Apr 01 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
>>> But is anyone still using it? Is there any current reason to support
>>> it 
>> I think that there are Debian users who use that option of make-kpkg,
>> and I have not seen any indication that there usage of that option has
>> decreased.
> I make use of it fairly regularly; its next use here will probably be to
> build kernel I normally use the kernel-image target, but I
> sometimes have use for the kernel-headers target.


The question was not whether you use make-kpkg, but whether any of the 
hook scripts you may have in /etc/kernel/*.d/ rely on the second 
parameter that is passed by the postinst included with the kernel image 
by make-kpkg.


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