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Re: How to depend on 32bit libs on amd64? (and what to do with ia32-libs)

> I'm unsure why we need *any* 32-bit libraries or binaries on an
> amd64 system.  If one needs to run 32-bit software, it is possible to
> debootstrap an i386 system and use it as a chroot.  Using a tool such
> as schroot handles all of the kernel personality and chroot details,
> and even allows normal users to use it with access to all their files,
> etc.  With a few one line scripts/shell aliases, it's completely
> transparent.  It also has the advantage of being a complete i386
> system rather than just a collection of libraries; you can keep it up
> to date using the usual tools, and even boot it if you desire.  i.e.
> you get all the normal security support and updates.
> With multiarch, it's a different story, but we aren't quite there yet.

My main use of 32-bit libraries is commercial software that is available for
32bit systems only. Yes, that's bad, but I can't do anything about that ATM. I'd
really hate to run (and maintain!) an additional chroot on each of those servers
just to run a single application. I do have i386 schroots on other systems, but
I prefer not to maintain that on each and every server. It might actually be a
bit of problem, because one of those commercial products is our backup


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