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Re: How to depend on 32bit libs on amd64? (and what to do with ia32-libs)

[Adeodato Simó]
> Mark Hymers has talked about providing a mechanism to ensure source
> packages stay on the pool when other stuff has been built from them (eg.
> kernel module packages). With this, ia32-libs could become a small
> source package containing scripts that would download the necessary
> binary packages at build time, and would encode in a header the employed
> versions; then, source for those versions would not be removed from the
> pool.

I understand different binary packages from a single source package do
not have to share a single version string - so could ia32-libs be done
in such a way that each binary package gets a version number related to
the "real" source package it is built from?  ia32-libs itself could
append a sort of 'micro-epoch' value that would only change when
substantive changes are made to how the binary packages are built.

Thus when you binNMU ia32-libs in order to pick up a newer library
upload, all the libraries that have not changed will not get new
version numbers and nobody would need to upgrade them.  But would this
situation (trying to upload a version that is already present) confuse
dak?  I presume dak will just ignore that binary, yes?
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