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Re: Bug#519070: fixed in raptor 1.4.18-2


Michael Biebl wrote:
> >     - build against OpenSSL versions of curl and (especially) neon again
> >       as the webdav ucp now directly links against openssl...
> >       (reopens: #391671). Use system-openssl.
> > 
> Why can't you build-depend on libcurl4-gnutls-dev?

Oh, I can, and actually I'll do that (see http://lists.debian.org/debian-openoffice/2009/03/msg00443.html), but that will cause OOo to link
agsinst both openssl (directly) and  gnutls (via curl). I don't think
that is perfect :-)

> I agree, that the current situation wrt to libcurl sucks.
> But I definitely think that libraries (such as libraptor) should link against
> the gnutls version of libcurl, otherwise you get the previous situation where
> packages will start to link against OpenSSL (via indirect dependencies) without
> having the proper OpenSSL exemption and thus are not distributable.
> So imho  libcurl4-gnutls should be preferred where possible.

I also agree with that, and it was a totally braindead decision for OOo
to start using OpenSSL instead of GNUTLS...


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