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Re: Alioth - Convert SVN repo to Git

On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 05:45:15PM +0100, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> > so i've been working on another one that sends a link to
> > the patch in the VCS viewer url instead, along with doing a pending tag.
> > i'll have to double check on the status of this guy before i send a link
> > to it though.
> I think it’s better if it’s kept as a completely separate script, if you
> don’t mind much.

not at all.  actually, i ended up writing it in python anyway because:
 - if i wanted to write more hooks later i could consolidate code more easily
 - if it were eventually considered "really useful", it could find its way
   into something like git-buildpackage with less fuss.
 - python's fun :)

git viewer url:


from the header of the script:

# post-recieve notification hook for debian package git repositories
# to use this script, copy or symlink to it from .git/hooks/post-receive
# the scripts behaviour is determined by the git configuration for the repo.
# the following configuration options are available:
# hooks.bts (default: False)
#    whether to enable bts support.  if set to True, commits that reference
#    a specific bug will have a message sent to the debian BTS bug entry.  If
#    False, no emails will be sent.
# hooks.cc (default: "")
#    additional email addresses to include in the Cc: list for the notification
# hooks.projectname (default: automatic)
#    determines the name of the project.  by default, this is taken from
#    the directory name containing the git repo, with the .git suffix removed
#    if present.
# hooks.gitweb (default: None)
#    if set, a URL will be included in the commit notification message linking
#    to a gitweb page for this commit.  this is useful for providing easy
#    access to the relevant diff without cluttering the notification itself.
# hooks.urltype (default: commitdiff)
#    if hooks.gitweb is also set, this controls which type of page is
#    linked (i.e. comitdiff, raw, etc) in the notification email.
# hooks.tagpending (default: True)
#    if a bug is determined to be closed in a commit, send a command to the
#    bts control system to tag the bug as pending.

it's still somewhat a "work in progress", but it works in any event.



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