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Re: NEW processing

On 11700 March 1977, Changwoo Ryu wrote:

>> IMHO, except package with just SONAME bump, packages in NEW queue are
>> better processed in a FIFO manner.  Just my two cents.
> OTH, do we really need a manual check for SONAME bump? Was there any
> upload rejection in the past on new binary package addition cases?

There have been more than a few "SONAME change only" packages that had
big problems. Like, how about empty packages?

bye, Joerg
<quinophex> iDunno: anyhow, tbm fits the description of an alug user
<quinophex> he uses linux and is based in East Anglia :)
<tbm> "he uses linux".  I run the Debian project, for fucks sake! :-P

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