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Re: net-tools future

Manoj Srivastava dijo [Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 09:54:42AM -0500]:
>         Err, isn't munin a hugely complex beasty, that has to be
>  configured for the network, and usually lives on a signle machine and
>  polls others? and does alerting and graphing and is a pain to
>  configure?  On the  other hand, netstat -r, netstat -i, netstat -al
>  just work?
>         Am I missing something, since munin is seen as a replacement for
>  netstat?

Munin is actually a quite simple and extendable framework for
centralized infrastructure monitoring, almost trivial to configure
(although you can come up with some pretty involved/complicated
setups, but for most situations it is quite trivial). It does not
support alerting, only monitoring and (offline, static,
cron-based) graphing.

It is by far not a replacement for netstat - it uses netstat as a
source for many of its queries.

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