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Re: Alioth - Convert SVN repo to Git

Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> can you point me to someone (or ideally to a script or detailed
> explanation) that managed to do that in an automated way?

What I did manually was something like

find . -type f -name 'foo*.dsc' | sort (or similar tools, make sure they're
sorted in a way as dpkg would sort the versions) | while read i; do
	git-import-dsc $i

Then I've used git-svn to import the svn history in an extra repository,
verified that everything is right, and pulled it from the repository created
with git-import-dsc. As git-import-dsc uses the date from the changelog as
commit date, this worked well enough for me. Probably needs some fine-tuning,
but I hope that's something you can work on.


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