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Re: Splitting of the gnome-python* source packages - MBF

Le lundi 16 mars 2009 à 14:08 +0100, Josselin Mouette a écrit :
> What is happening in unstable:
>       * egg.trayicon, gtkhtml2 and gtkmozembed each have their own
>         binary package (python-eggtrayicon, python-gtkhtml2,
>         python-gtkmozembed)
>       * gksu 1.X is going away (nothing uses it anyway)
>       * gda is going away, at least for a while
>       * gtkspell will have its own binary package (currently in NEW)
> What will change upstream:
>       * It’s very hard to tell, these modules don’t seem to change much.
>       * Most of them have better replacements, so other packages should
>         really get of these dependencies anyway.
> What changes to apply to Debian packages:
>       * To simplify the dependency tree, the dependencies of
>         python-gnome2-extras on python-eggtrayicon, python-gtkhtml2 and
>         python-gtkmozembed are going away, probably right after the
>         squeeze release.
>       * Therefore, packages using these modules *must* be updated to use
>         the new binary package as dependency instead.

Apparently, developers have a strong tendency to not fix these bugs the
correct way and instead, to make packages depend on e.g.
python-gtkmozembed | python-gnome2-extras

Therefore, I’m probably going to make gnome-python-extras follow the
gnome-python-desktop path:
      * the gksu2 and gdl modules will go in python-gksu2 and python-gdl
      * when gda comes back (Gustavo is working on packaging libgda4),
        it will be in python-gda
      * let’s take that opportunity to ditch egg.recent away

Are people OK with this approach?

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