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Re: Minimum kernel requirement for Squeeze

On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 09:59:06PM +0000, Roger Leigh wrote:
> Hi folks,
> With respect to #494001, I would like to determine the minimum
> version of the linux kernel we will
>   a) support and
>   b) be physically capable of running
> for Squeeze.
> It has been asserted that squeeze will not work with kernels
> < 2.6.26 by jcristau on IRC, but I haven't yet found any
> rationale as to why this is the case (e.g. specific glibc
> incompatibility).

glibc from squeeze will support kernels from etch, that is >= 2.6.18. I
don't know for other parts. Keep in mind that some build daemons still
have an etch kernel, while having squeeze and a sid chroots.

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