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Re: Extended descriptions size (was Re: RFC: Better formatting for long descriptions)

Paul Wise schrieb:
On Sat, Mar 21, 2009 at 4:58 PM, Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> wrote:

It's another instance of duplication - why retain the long description
in the Packages file while a translated version also exists from DDTP?
Probably better for the description to be removed from the Packages
file completely and the DDTP one contains the translated version and
English ones for those with missing or outdated translations. That way,
apt spends less time parsing the (smaller) Packages file when doing
ordinary stuff like package installation and only needs to look at the
DDTP information when specifically called as 'apt-cache search'.

One issue is that many people will have disabled downloading
translations so they'll need to change their configuration from none
to en:

APT::Acquire::Translation "none";

Since en will now be a "Translation", perhaps a different config item
is more appropriate:

APT::Acquire::Description "en";

This will not work:

apt use a md5sum from the sort and lang description (from the packages file) to find the right 'translation'. If you remove the long description from the packages file, apt can't do this task...

if we like to remove the long description from the package file, we must change apt in some way and use some other rules for select the right description (a new 'Description-md5sum' or the Version-Nr)


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