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Re: Minimum kernel requirement for Squeeze

On Mar 19, Roger Leigh <rleigh@codelibre.net> wrote:

> With respect to #494001, I would like to determine the minimum
> version of the linux kernel we will
For the new udev package[1] I am trying *very* hard to keep it working
even with 2.6.18 kernels long enough to be able to finish the upgrade,
but I can tell you that 2.6.22 is currently required to support
important features like persistent device names and this will only get
"worse" with time so next year I may end out requiring 2.6.26 anyway.

Also expect problems from a modern udev and lenny kernels, because they

I agree that there should be no version check in the init scripts, just
symlink mtab and almost everything will work fine.

BTW, the comment about using inotify on /etc/mtab is pure crack: the
orthodox way to be notified of file systems changes is to use inotify on

[1] http://www.bofh.it/~md/debian/ please test it and report your
    experience! Probably it's not toxic.


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