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Re: group nvram

On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 10:59 AM, Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it> wrote:
> On Mar 19, Bastien ROUCARIES <roucaries.bastien@gmail.com> wrote:
>> It is the same probleme with floppy, tty and disk group.
> No, it's not.
>> They should add this group to their ldap database. At least it should
> This would not change anything.
>> be documented that debian system need this group. BTW redhat has also
>> rdma, fuse, kvm group.
> And recently removed them from the udev rules.
> If you have no clue about the issue being discussed you have no
> obligation to partecipate to the thread, you know?

First I was not offencive with you, so you please could you keep a
nice and peaceful thread.

Secondly, I use Unix for a long time, and last time I checked redhat
used kvm group. May be I am not up to date as you say, but please keep
the thread peaceful.

Moreover I respectfully disagree with you.? Permission on device file
should be from a security point of  view, permission should respect
the minimum privileges principle. Therefore daemon using /dev/fuse
should be able only to use /dev/kvm and not /dev/fuse.

You could note also that for instance Josselin mouette respectfully
disagree with you. So please keep this thread quiet.
I have the right to disagree with you, and you have the right to think
I am a sucker but please keep it private at least.

Best regard


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