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Re: group nvram

md@Linux.IT (Marco d'Itri) wrote:


>> Scanner is useful, imagine I work in a company working on a secret
>> project. One of the computer has a scanner. Do you wnat to give
>> scanning right to the internship student ?
> No, I want to give access to the raw scanner device only to its own
> driver-daemon.
> I do not know if SCSI scanners already work this way or not.

Current scheme for scanners is as follows:
 - user access: device is group scanner
 - saned access: device is group saned
 - user AND saned: either put the saned user in the scanner group, or
   make the device saned:scanner.

USB and SCSI scanners are handled the same way.

So to reiterate what I wrote already, if you want to get rid of that
in the rules shipped with udev, that's fine by me; libsane will take
care of it, it'll be in the next upstream release anyway.


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