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Re: net-tools future

Martín Ferrari dijo [Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 02:30:18PM -0300]:
> Hi,
> Luk Claes and me, as the current maintainers of net-tools, we've been
> thinking about it's future. Net-tools has been a core part of Debian and
> any other linux based distro for many years, but it's showing its age.
> (...)
> Hence, our plans are to replace net-tools completely with iproute, maybe
> leading the route for other distributions to follow. Of course, most
> people and tools use and remember the venerable old interface, so the
> first step would be to write wrappers, trying to be compatible with
> net-tools.

Great news, and a bold initiative!

> About the wrapper scripts:
>  * ipconfig, route: the most difficult ones, both can be replaced by
> calls to "ip", maybe except for some obscure options.
>  * netstat : sstat provides almost the same information, just some
> formatting changes and parsing the command line

Oops... I strongly suggest providing a wrapper that matches netstat's
format as closely as possible (even bug-for-bug if possible). Netstat
is probably among the most used tools by sysadmins and programmers
alike, both for software we distribute and for home-grown tools.

Besides that, I'm all for the change. Although my fingers still prefer
ifconfig over ip for some strange reason... Maybe it gets better

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