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Re: Breaking /emul/ia32-linux for squeeze

Hello Goswin et al,

  IMHO, the things you are talking about are quite nice. They way it
works sounds to me a little complex, that it is very close to the idea
of crosscompiling, as the *right way*, as opposed to accumulate dirty
hacks and workarrounds that it is what most embedded distros do out
there. As from my point of view, getting people confused is also not a
good idea, as what you talk about seems to be much like cross
compiling, you should face the troubles we face when cross compiling
the *right way*.

 As a first step, I would recommend to take a deep though and let
community and Debian workflow as is (most of the better systems used
for safety-critical are well proben in time, that helps on having a
better MTBF -- why break what we have proben for many years?)

After some rest and thoughts on paper and ink I would recommend to do
some cross compiling work, try to bootstrap a minimal set of packages
for armel (it would be appreciated in emdebian), and you'll find lots
of tools need to be polished and therefore lots of common and uncommon
packages. What all this is about is very nice, but needs lots of work,
if you want to do it the *right way*. Once you realize what one
architecture implies, then you'll find what an overhead is to think on
common libcs, oses and arches, plus vendors, it just becomes somehow

 So, if you like to do wacky ideas[1], I invite you to emdebian land
and let Debian distro follow their flow.

(Please do not interpret me as I am telling what you have to do or
anything else, i am trying to be as much friendly as I can)

Friendly regards,
  Hector Oron

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/EmdebianWackyIdeas
 Héctor Orón

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