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Re: DebianWiki migrated

On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 03:14:54PM +0900, Paul Wise wrote:
> I'm making an uneducated guess that allowing editing by people we
> cannot contact will be bad for licencing the wiki since we need to
> contact people to be able to give pages a license. The current
> authentication mechanism requires an email address so there is a
> decent chance we'll be able to contact people for this purpose.

I see the argument, but I don't see a direct link with the problem.

I'm assuming that the problem with the wiki license is present *now*
because we had no license in the beginning and now we want to find
one, right? I hope that before doing that move, we will have decided a
license meant to stay so in the future for ever (similar problem of
all not-so-small wiki), right?

Then it would be enough to have a disclaimer, an information, or
whatever it takes, that makes clear that from now on content goes
under a given license. This way all new contributions will have the
new license (possibly with dual-licensing with the old content which
is being modified) and you don't care about being able to contact


PS no, I don't want to start *here* the discussion about which license
   to choose. I know there are people taking care of it in more
   appropriate discussion places.

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